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Thermal Oil Boiler

A thermal oil boiler refers to a boiler that is heated by hot oil. Hot oil has been used as an intermediate heat transfer medium in industrial heat exchange processes for a long time. The thermal oil boiler can be automatically controlled by advanced touch screen computer controller and digital computer controller, and manufactured in strict accordance with relevant national standards.
Huazheng Special Boiler is one of the most professional manufacturers of thermal oil boiler in China. If you want to buy high quality thermal oil boiler for sale, we can offer you the unmatched prices and services.
Working Principle:
The DC boiler developed based on the forced circulation design idea uses coal, oil and steam as fuel, and uses thermal oil as the medium. The thermal oil boiler is used to force the medium to carry out liquid phase circulation, and the heat energy is transferred to the heating equipment and then returned to the heating furnace. Heating, with high operating temperatures at low pressures, and high-precision control of media operation.
Product Features:
1. A DC special boiler developed based on the design thinking of forced circulation.
2. Closed cycle heating, and open to the atmosphere, can extend the service life of the boiler, liquid phase heat transfer, heat loss is small, energy saving effect is remarkable, environmental protection effect is good.
3. The thermal oil boiler is designed with a three-circuit coil and is very safe.
4. The coil type structure has sufficient heating surface and high thermal efficiency.
5. Countercurrent heat exchange, the temperature difference between the combustion exhaust gas temperature and the thermal oil outlet is below 30 °C.
6. Excellent structure and stable operation below 450 °C.
1. It has the characteristics of low pressure, high temperature, safety, high efficiency and energy saving.
2. With complete operation control and safety monitoring device, it can precisely control the working temperature.
3. The structure is reasonable, the complete set, the installation period is short, the operation and maintenance are convenient, and the boiler layout is convenient.
4. Since the electrically heated organic heat carrier furnace uses an advanced explosion-proof structure, it can be applied to the factory area.
Widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile printing and dyeing, light industry, building materials, food, road asphalt heating and other industrial fields requiring high temperatures.
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