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Large Capacity Steam Drive Sterilization Cleaning Machine

Large Capacity Steam Drive Sterilization Cleaning Machine

Steam & Water output
Electricity powered
98.23% efficiency


Product Description:

This large capacity steam drive sterilization cleaning machine is a cleaning device that uses the high temperature of saturated steam and the applied high pressure to clean the bacterium on the surface of the part and vaporize it. 

This steam drive sterilization cleaning machine accelerates the movement speed of the bacterium on the surface by the steam generated by the high temperature, and destroys the binding force between them to achieve the purpose of eliminating various stubborn stains,which completely eliminates various bacteria attached to the object. It can also clean any fine gaps and holes for meeting high efficient and water-saving requirements.


  • Seamless welding ensures its service life is 5-10 times longer than regular products.

  • Leakage protector of each heating element ensures electrical safety.

  • Simple program control ensures automatic water supply and related protection.

  • Adjustable steam pressure and temperature

  • Water eliminator ensures a stable supply of steam during the addition of water.

  • Stainless steel water tank mounted on the steam wash machine

Product Details:

Steam Pressure

 0.7 MPa (or higher)

Highest Steam Temperature


Effective Operating Temperature


Water Consumption Rate

11.4-143 Kg/hour

Humidity Adjustment

Available for dry & wet steam 

Output TypeDry steam/ wet steam/ water

Work Time 

24hours All day long 


Tank Capacity

Can automatically supply by external water connection)


High grade nickel chrome alloy (temperature above 1000℃)


Widely used to remove dust and bacteria from floors, windows and doors, hoods, air conditioners, microwave ovens, sanitary ware, etc.

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