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Cheap Integrated Steam Cleaning Machine

Cheap Integrated Steam Cleaning Machine

Steam & Water output
Electricity powered
98.23% efficiency


Product Description:

Are you still upset about for the oil that has been attached to the years? However, the chemical cleaners sold on the market not only cause environmental pollution, but also easily hurt your hands. And those troubles will gone by using this cheap integrated steam cleaning machine!

This cheap integrated steam cleaning machine utilizes high temperature and high pressure steam to remove dust and bacteria without any added detergent, and is environmentally friendly. It can prevent allergies and almost zero damage to cleaning items,which allows us to enjoy a scientific and hygienic environment without polluting environment.


  • Compact structure and small footprint.

  • Conveyor is located on the side of the unit for easy maintenance and repair.

  • Steam washing avoids dead ends caused by hairbrushes or bottle necks.

  • Realize the integration of machinery, electricity and gas, with high degree of automation

  • Adjustable water pressure and washing time can be set according to actual needs.

  • Variable frequency adjustment

Product Details:

VoltageAccording to your requirements
Steam Pressure

0.7 MPa or higher

Highest Steam Temperatures171 ℃
Effective Operating Temperatures45 ℃-120 ℃
Steam & Water output11.4-143 Kg/hour
Output TypeDry steam/ wet steam/ water
Humidity AdjustmentAvailable for dry & wet steam 
Continuous Work Time for Dry Steam24 hours all day 
Continuous Work Time for Wet Steam24 hours all day

Widely used in car wash, housekeeping, health companies and other industries, such as engines, meters, industrial oil pollution, mobile wall advertising cleaning, smoke cleaning, etc.

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