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Residential Gas Fired Steam Boilers

Residential Gas Fired Steam Boilers

Steam Capacity: 30-6000 Kg/hour
Natural gas, LPG, propane or biogas
89%-95% efficiency


Product Description:

This residential gas fired steam boiler refers to a steam boiler that is heated by gas combustion. It is a thermal energy conversion device that uses natural gas, liquefied gas, city gas and other kind of gas as fuel to burn the heat released in the furnace, heat the water in the boiler and vaporize it into steam. The water in the boiler is constantly heated by the energy released by the combustion of the gaseous fuel in the furnace to raise the temperature and generate pressurized steam.


  • High-quality burner automatically burns and stops according to the controller's instructions, and the performance is safe and stable.

  • Fully automatic controller allows the user to easily set up and the boiler can operate according to user requirements.

  • Complete functions, complete protection, simple operation, safe and reliable, with self-diagnosis function.

  • Large furnace has a strong load capacity.

  • Multi-level protection such as,pressure switch protection, low water level protection, safety valve protection, etc.

  • High quality spoiler slows down the exhausting speed, increases the heat exchange amount and reduces the use cost.

  • Mechatronics appearance, compact and novel, easy to transport and install.

Product Details:

ModelLSS Series
WNS Series
TypeVertical Steam BoilerHorizontal Steam Boiler
Eefficiency89% - 95%88% - 93%
Input power(KW)87kw or higher
1517kw or higher
Heating pressureAtmospheric pressure/5barAtmospheric pressure/5bar
Steam pressure (Mpa)0.7Mpa or higher0.7Mpa or higher
Steam temperature (℃)170℃ or higher170℃ or higher
Water inlet pressure (Mpa)≥1.0≥1.0
Rated voltage(AC)220V220V
Gas consumption (m3/h)9.2m3/h and more160.5m3/h and  more
 LPG consumption (Kg/h)4.6Kg/h and more80.25Kg/h and more
Water IntakeDN50,DN65,DN80,etc.DN125,DN150,DN200,etc.
Machine quality (Kg)216kg or more heavier
216kg or more heavier
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