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Steam Boiler Classification

The steam boiler can be divided into electric steam boiler, steam boiler, fuel gas steam boiler in accordance with fuel; in accordance with the structure can be divided into vertical steam boiler, steam boiler, steam boiler for the vertical structure of single and double return, large steam boiler is the horizontal structure of the three return.

Vertical double return structure

The burning machine under the vertical oil and gas fired steam boiler, two return structure, full fuel combustion, boiler stable operation; the smoke pipe is inserted inside the spoiler, slowing down the exhaust speed, increase the heat exchange, high thermal efficiency of the boiler, reduce the cost of users.

Horizontal three return structure

Steam boiler for shell type wet back three pass fire tube structure, the flame in the combustion chamber of the micro positive pressure combustion, fully extended, combustion heat load is low, high combustion efficiency, effectively reduce the flue gas temperature, energy saving, the use of economic. The utility model not only improves the heat absorbing intensity of the boiler, but also meets the requirement of the heat expansion of the heat exchange surface.

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