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Physical And Chemical Properties Of Natural Gas

1, the source of natural gas

Gas, oil field gas, condensate gas and coal mine gas, mainly methane (CH4)

2, the characteristics of natural gas

Volatile: liquid natural gas leak out, it will quickly absorb heat, volume expansion of the original 500-600 times, the formation of explosive vapor cloud, when the fire will explode;

Inflammable and explosive: explosive range 5%-15%;

Toxicity: itself non-toxic, incomplete combustion of carbon monoxide poisoning;

The gas density, the proportion of standard gas density is 0.72kg/NM3, the relative proportion of the air is 0.56, is easy to escape;

Calorific value: about 35MJ/NM3;

Corrosion resistance: generally no corrosion, but the sulfur content is high, will cause the corrosion of rubber products, so the general use of nitrile rubber sealing material.

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