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Main Points Of Using And Maintenance Of Steam Engine

1, to maintain mandatory ventilation, safety requirements!

2, the daily use of sewage.

3, the use of qualified softening water is a prerequisite for the normal operation of steam engines:

A, the person responsible for water softening, salt box can not be broken by the amount of time to salt, salt, salt table records;

B, timing detection soft processor before regeneration whether water quality standards, standards are not timely to find the reasons for rectification;

C, water and electricity can not be soft water processor.

4, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and two ether and other gas sources can not be exchanged freely, otherwise it will damage the equipment, resulting in security risks.

5, the operator to adjust the post or leave, and after the operation of the operation and maintenance of the handover!

6, the equipment related to any changes, please consult our company, in order to avoid inconvenience to your use!

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