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How To Choose A Steam Engine

1 steam pressure

Because of the "leader" of steam volume of less than 30 liters for the non pressure container, can be installed nearby, thus greatly reduces the requirements of steam pressure. The steam pressure of 1kg can meet the steam demand of cooking equipment in the large dining room. Sandwich pot, including horizontal and vertical rice steaming car car, three door steam cabinet, seafood steamer, steam, steam, Taiwan kaishuitong steam station. It can also meet the heating water tank height 10-20 meters. So it can meet most of the bath, water vapor demand.

2 calorific value

Calorific value calculation is more trouble. In general, one thousand of the canteen needs 150-200kg/h steam. Winter 10-12 disk / steaming car door every 15KG steam boiler to boil for half an hour with 300KG 100KG steam, 75kg m horizontal steaming car 30KG steam, 10 layer 1000*1000 30KG steam steam, three door steam cabinet for 50KG steam seafood, 100 liters of water to 10 thousand kcal 100kg. Steam temperature 17kg.

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