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Characteristics Of Electric Steam Boiler

1, safety: leakage protection: when the boiler leakage occurs, through the leakage circuit breaker in time to cut off the power supply, to ensure personal safety. Water shortage protection: when the boiler is short of water, cut off the control circuit of the heating pipe in time to prevent the heating pipe from dry burning. Grounding protection: when the boiler shell is charged, the leakage current through the ground wire into the earth, so as to ensure personal safety. Usually the protective grounding wire between earth and metal is good, angle iron, steel often buried deep in the ground for grounding, grounding resistance should be less than 4. The steam overpressure protection: when the upper limit pressure of the boiler steam pressure exceeds the set when the safety valve starts, release the pressure to reduce the steam. The over-current protection: when the boiler load (high voltage) work, automatically disconnect the leakage breaker. The power protection: with the help of advanced electronic circuit to detect overvoltage, under voltage, fault and other fault state, for reliable power protection.

2, convenience: first, after the introduction of electric control box, a key operation, the boiler will enter (or out) fully automatic operation. The boiler water quantity is reduced, and the control system automatically adds water from the water tank to the boiler through the water supply pump.

3, rationality: for the reasonable effective use electrical energy, the heating power is divided into a number of segments, and by the controller (off) the user input automatically according to the actual need of heating power, only corresponding leakage circuit breaker on (or press the corresponding switch) can be. The heating pipe is divided into sections to reduce the impact of the boiler on the power grid during operation.

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