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Oil Fired Hot Water Boilers Residential

Oil Fired Hot Water Boilers Residential

Heat output: 35-3500 KW
Diesel, light oil, heavy oil or waste oil
92-92.5% efficiency


Product Description:

This oil fired hot water boilers residential  is a good one in the current oil fired hot water boiler type, not only the thermal efficiency is relatively fast, but also the stability is relatively strong. As a professional boiler equipment, it is specializes in the production of hot water for residential use . Under normal circumstances, the boiler uses a hot water circulation pump to forcibly circulate the water in the boiler and the water tank to make the temperature uniform to meet the needs of the household.

In addition, this oil fired hot water boilers residential uses modern computer control technology to turn the intelligent, automatic and humanized performance of the boiler into reality. It has outstanding advantages of high stability, simple operation, flexible control, etc. 


  • Radiant heating surface is the entire corrugated furnace.

  • Convection heating surface adopts a spiral tobacco pipe, which has a large heating area, sufficient water output and high thermal efficiency.

  • Reasonable combustion chamber design,which fully adapted to diesel, heavy oil and other fuels.

  • With smoke elimination and dust removal functions, in line with national environmental protection standards

  • Adopt mechatronic control equipment and programmable controller related control method for added safety 

  • Safe and easy to operate at normal pressure.

Product Details:


CWNS Series

Input Voltage(AC)220V/50HZ

Rated Steam Pressure 

0.7 and more

The return water temperature 


Thermal Efficiency 


Suitable Fuel

Diesel oil ; Bunker oil

Diesel/Bunker Oil Consumption

  • 6.8 Kg/h and more 

  • 7.48 Kg/h and more 


1055*750*1030 and more


2600kg and more

Type of Burning

Pressure Atomization/ Pressurized Combustion

Adjustment Methods


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