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Domestic Gas Fired Hot Water Central Heating Boilers

Domestic Gas Fired Hot Water Central Heating Boilers

Heat output: 35-3500 KW
Natural gas, LPG, propane or biogas
92-92.5% efficiency


Product Description:

This domestic gas fired hot water central heating boilers is a kind of hot water boiler. This product uses gas, such as natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, biogas, etc., and hot water circulation pump to fully automate the circulating boiler and the hot water in the heating pipe to achieve the purpose of heating and bathing requirements. It has the remarkable features of environmental protection, energy saving, safety and fully automatic operation.It is a kind of economical hot-selling boiler that is very suitable for  domestic use. 

Its main components include control systems, combustion systems, boiler bodies,etc.


  • Automatic control: Manual reset temperature control provides over-output water temperature cut-off and under eturn water temperature restart with manual reset.

  • Low cost: High combustion efficiency, fuel saving and low investment cost; full pull butt weld, long service life and easy to maintain.

  • High efficiency: The tail exhaust gas condensation recovery device can effectively control the exhaust gas temperature.

  • Safe and stable: Designed with over-temperature, over-pressure, water-shortage protection, leak detection and other functions

  • Space saving: Save space by using quick assembly construction,the whole boiler is designed on steel frame for easy installation and transportation.

Product Details:






CWNS Series 
35KW & 70KWAtmospheric pressure(or higher)Stainless steel 304 92%Natural gas, LPG, propane, butane or biogasVertical 
CLSS Series
80KW-3500 KWAtmospheric pressure (or higher)Carbon steel (or alloy steel; stainless steel)92.5%
Natural gas, LPG, propane, butane or biogasHorizontal
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