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Sterilization Cleaning Machine With Steam Feature

Sterilization Cleaning Machine With Steam Feature

Steam & Water output
Electricity powered
98.23% efficiency


Product Description

Without any chemical reagents, this Sterilization cleaning machine with steam feature is steam generated by high temperature. With the powerful degreasing power of steam, it can speed up the movement of the dirt surface against molecules and destroy the bonding force between them to achieve the purpose of eliminating bacteria, microorganisms and tiny impurities. It is equipped with a variety of accessories with different functions and different uses. It has unique cleaning effect and is the best for modern cleaning.


  • Adjustable steam pressure and temperature

  • The leakage protector of each heating element ensures electrical safety.

  • Simple program control ensures automatic water supply, low water protection and alarms, extremely low water emergency stop, pressure protection, safety valve pressure release and more.

  • Extreme pressure to meet a variety of cleaning needs.

  • Complete accessories make your cleaning work easier and less laborious

  • Green and environmentally friendly design, only use clean water without adding any cleaning agent to ensure no secondary pollution during cleaning

  • Multiple filtration, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and long service life.

Product Details:


Sterilization cleaning machine with steam feature


8, 12, 18, 24, 40

Working pressure of water(Kg/㎡)
80, 120
Working pressure of steam(Mpa)0.8
Working temperature
Water tank volume(L)
15, 25, 30
Steam qty(Kg/h)10.75, 18, 26, 34, 57.4
Voltage(AC)220V/380V, 50HZ
Dimension(L*W*H)mm920*700*950 /980*760*1050 /980*760*1150 /1150*1250*1350

90, 105, 125, 375

1 year
Quality control
100% tested before delivery
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