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Steam Engine Powered Electric Generator

Steam Engine Powered Electric Generator

Electric steam generator main feature Electric steam generator to energy for energy, no noise, no pollution. The use of high-quality heating tube, the surface heat load is low, high thermal efficiency.


Product Description:

Featuring an automatic hydration system, overpressure and overheat protection,this steam engine powered electric generator is a machine that converts the kinetic energy of water vapor into electrical energy. Compared to conventional steam engines, this product greatly increases thermal efficiency, is closer to the ideal reversible process in thermodynamics and provides more power.In addition,the automatic drain function is very important to protect the heating element. You can also choose the automatic drain valve instead of the standard manual drain valve.


  • Segmented heating and self-diagnostics make the heater energy efficient and easy to operate.

  • All-round protection,such as leakage protection,water shortage protection,power abnormal protection, over-voltage interlock protection, over-current protection,etc.

  • High quality heating tube with low surface heat load and high thermal efficiency.

  • Advanced centrifugal glass wool multi-layer insulation, imported color plate packaging, easy installation and maintenance.

  • Adjustable operating load range and speed for easy operation

  • Advanced computer boiler controller with reliable performance and high degree of automation.

  • Boiler accessories are selected from domestic or foreign quality products and have been professionally tested to ensure long-term normal operation of the boiler.

  • The heating element automatically adjusts the number of heating tube input groups based on temperature differences and load changes, and automatically converts the input sequence.

  • A wide range of functions such as automatic sewage functionfor, water level real-time monitoring function, time setting function, etc., for better use.


  • Process Steam 

  • Brewery and Distillery

  • Food and Beverage

  • Sterilization

  • Laundry and Dry-Cleaning

  • Textile

  • Chemical

  • Corrugated machine

  • Concrete curing

  • EPS line

  • Building Heat

  • Humidification

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