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Steam Cleaner Industrial Equipment

Steam Cleaner Industrial Equipment

Steam & Water output
Electricity powered
98.23% efficiency


Product Description:

The factory contains various chemical pollutants or pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, and the damage to human health is self-evident. This steam cleaner industrial equipment quickly converts clean water into a powerful steam of high temperature and high pressure in a short period of time, and completely eliminates various bacteria, microorganisms and pathogens attached to objects. It is equipped with nozzles, brushes and other convenient accessories. It does not require any chemical reagent and has high efficiency of rapid decontamination and sterilization.


  • Convenient and fast: It can spray strong steam for cleaning and sterilization in a short time.

  • High safety: Water can be added anytime and anywhere during use, which makes the cleaning work continuous, and the working time can be extended indefinitely, safe and fast.

  • Practicality: It is very practical to set different pressure steam in two stages according to the needs of use.

  • Equipped with circulation filtering devices, which keeps the solvent clean during washing to get the better result.

  • Green design, only use clean water, no need to add any cleaning agent to ensure no secondary pollution during the cleaning process.

  • Complete accessories make your cleaning work easier and less laborious.

Product Details:

Power Resource


Power Rate


VoltageAccording to your requirements
Steam Pressure

0.7 MPa or higher

Highest Steam Temperatures171 ℃
Effective Operating Temperatures45 ℃-120 ℃
Steam & Water output11.4-143 Kg/hour
Output TypeDry steam/ wet steam/ water
Humidity AdjustmentAvailable for dry & wet steam 
Continuous Work Time for Dry Steam24 hours all day 
Continuous Work Time for Wet Steam24 hours all day
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