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Oil Fired Boilers

Oil Fired Boilers

Oil fired boilers


Oil fired boilers

oil fired boilers application areas:

1: clothing ironing, dry cleaning machines, dryers, washing machines, dehydration machines, ironing machines, iron and other equipment supporting the use of.

2: to provide drinking water, cooking food, the production of rice noodle, boiled milk, tofu machine, steamed rice box, sterilization tank, packaging machine, sets of standard machine,Paint equipment, sealing machine, tableware cleaning and other equipment supporting the use of.

3: room heating, central heating, to warm, district central heating, auxiliary air conditioning (heat pump) heating, with solar energy to provide hot water,(Hotel, dormitory, school, mixing station) hot water supply, (bridge, railway) concrete maintenance, (leisure beauty club) sauna bath,Wood floor processing.

4: cars, trains and other vehicle cleaning, soles rubber molding, painting industry.

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oil fired boilers manufacturing standards:

Strict implementation of the national "steam boiler safety technical supervision procedures" (96) and GB50273 "industrial boiler installation project construction and acceptance of" the relevant provisions of the design and manufacture.

Technical characteristics: steam boiler to absorb the United States, Denmark and other countries of advanced technology, the use of vertical water pipe tube tube, burner with top-mounted, reasonable design structure makes the formation of three-way flue gas structure, the fuel burned out more full of heat Of the absorption, the use of thermal efficiency of the boiler to reach more than 90%. Hot water boiler for the domestic popular pipe structure, while joining the only domestic superconducting heat pipe heat transfer technology, regardless of thermal efficiency or heating time are far superior to other domestic products.

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oil fired boilers security performance:

1, the product is equipped with safety valve, even in the case of the control system is not flexible, the pressure exceeds the set pressure when the safety valve will automatically open to prevent the boiler due to excessive pressure explosion.

2, the product is equipped with low water level protection, in the case of water supply to stop the boiler will automatically stop working, to prevent the boiler dry burning caused by electric components damage or even burn the phenomenon.

3, the boiler itself, there are overheating protection devices, leakage protection devices. Put an end to security risks.

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