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Industrial Water Boilers

Industrial Water Boilers

Heat output: 24-2800 KW
Electricity operated
98.23% efficiency


Industrial water boiler is also called industrial hot water boilers and electric heating boilers. It is mainly composed of boiler body, electric control box and control system. Its characteristics are environmental protection, clean, pollution-free, noise free, automatic, with the reduction of limited energy and large price increases, the electric heating boiler as a new boiler equipment, more and more recognized by everyone. The electric heating tube is the core component of the electric boiler, directly determines the service life of the boiler, try to choose non metal electric heating tube (such as ceramic electric heating tube), because of its load resistance, long service life, and is a water separation structure, never leakage of boiler.

Industrial water boilers wholesale

Industrial water boilers

industrial hot water boilers for sale

Industrial hot water boilers

buy electric heating boilers

Electric heating boilers

Higher grade material of the pressure parts:


Our product

Usual products in China

Using life (Electric heating element)

>2 years

3-12 months

Thickness (main body)

6 mm

3 mm

Thickness (flanges)



Bolts on flanges

High strength

Ordinary type

Low water cutoff device

3 probes

1 probe

Water pump

H=80m, T≤120℃

H=60m, T≤80℃

● Leakage protector for each heating element assures electrical safety.

● Simple programme control ensures automatic water feeding, low water protection and alarm, extremely low water emergency stop, etc.


1. Spare parts available at ex-factory price

2. Different voltage available

3. 100% tested before delivery

4. Skid-mounted hot water boiler system available

5. Container type hot water boiler system available


 Real-time monitoring of water level: electronic water-level detecting device

 Water shortage protection: The control system power will be cut off when there is water shortage along with alarm.

 Manual Reset Temperature Control provides over output water temperature cut-out and under return water temperature restart with manual reset.


● Process hot water

● Food and Beverage

● Laundry

● Building Heat

● Hotel, Spa & Bathing

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