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Industrial Electric Steam Boiler

Industrial Electric Steam Boiler

Steam Capacity: 5-4000 Kg/hour
Electricity operated
98.23% efficiency


[catalog] electric heating steam boiler 5~6000 Kg
Electric heating steam boiler

● 5-4000 Kg/hour

● Electricity operated

● 0.7 MPa (or higher)

● Internal material carbon steel (or alloy steel/stainless steel)

● 98.23% efficiency

Electric Boiler FEATURES

ELECTRIC HEATER with 24 months warranty

using a higher grade nickel chrome alloy (temperature above 1000℃), magnesium rod and stainless steel 304.

Seamless welding ensures 5-10 times of using life than usual products in China.

electric steam generator

electric steam generator

steam generator boiler

steam generator boiler

Higher grade material of the pressure parts:


Our product

Usual products in China

Using life (Electric heating element)

>2 years

3-12 months

Thickness (main body)

6 mm

3 mm

Thickness (flanges)



Bolts on flanges

High strength

Ordinary type

Low water cutoff device

3 probes

1 probe

Safety valve

Cast steel

Cast aluminium

Pressure control

CE verified

Ordinary type

Water pump

H=80m, T≤120℃

H=60m, T≤80℃

● Leakage protector for each heating element assures electrical safety.

● Simple programme control ensures automatic water feeding, low water protection and alarm, extremely low water emergency stop, pressure protection, safety valve pressure relief, etc.

Characteristics of electric steam generator

1、electric components and furnace connection easy assembly and disassembly, conducive to maintenance and maintenance.

2、electrical and electric components of the wiring are used high-quality high-temperature line, safe and reliable.

3、with high voltage, ultra low, leakage, lack of protection.

4、automatic replenishment, with water, over-temperature, over-voltage automatic power failure and alarm protection.

5、controller shows a rich state, easy to operate.

Industrial Electric Steam Boiler Application

● Process Steam 

● Brewery and Distillery

● Food and Beverage

● Sterilization

● Laundry and Dry-Cleaning

● Textile

● Chemical

● Corrugated machine

● Concrete curing

● EPS line

● Building Heat

● Humidification

● Water treatment

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