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High Quality Industrial Steam Cleaner

High Quality Industrial Steam Cleaner

Steam & Water output
Electricity powered
98.23% efficiency


Product Description:

This high quality industrial steam cleaner is an ideal cleaning device,which can effectively remove and sterilize all kinds of surface stains without the need of cleaning agents. Its application areas include: restaurants, medical departments, public places, food production and processing industries, metal processing and machinery manufacturing plants and other industries.


  • Thermal impact: The combination of high temperature and high pressure creates a strong thermal impact that quickly dissolves oil, stains, stains, paint stains and hard mixed stains.

  • Permeability: It can deeply clean the gaps and narrow spaces that cannot be touched by humans.

  • Protectivity: Steam cleaning does not damage the surface of the object being cleaned.

  • Low humidity: The moisture content of the hot dry saturated steam is extremely low, and it can quickly volatilize moisture after cleaning to achieve a quick-drying effect.

  • Sterilization: The powerful thermal shock directly kills bacteria and microorganisms.

  • Green and environmental protection: no need to use detergent, reduce costs and avoid environmental pollution caused by chemical agents.

Product Details:

Power Resource


Power Rate


Working pressure of steam 

0.8 MPa 

Working pressure of wate(kg/c㎡)80 & 120

Steam Gunjet No.

2(can operate at the same time with stable steam pressure)

Highest Steam Temperature


Working Temperature


Water Consumption Rate


Humidity Adjustment

Available for dry and wet steam

Continuous Work Time for Dry Steam

Non-stop, 24hours All day long (Very Important)

Continuous Work Time for Wet Steam

Non-stop, 24hours All day long

Water Tank  volume(L)

15 ;25; 30


Stainless steel

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