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High Efficiency Oil Fired Boiler

High Efficiency Oil Fired Boiler

Oil fired boilers


Product Description:

As an  oil fired boiler,this high efficiency oil fired boiler is using oil such as diesel, waste oil and other kind of oil as fuel. The overall layout of this boiler is similar to that of a coal fired boiler, except that the bottom of the furnace is made up of a bottom of the furnace that is inclined 10° to 30° to the rear wall to obtain good combustion characteristics. If there is no natural gas pipeline and you want the boiler to operate at a low cost, choose this high efficiency oil fired boiler. This boiler is heated by the burner, the fuel atomization effect is good, the fuel is fully burned, and the chimney does not see black smoke.


  • Absorb advanced technology, use vertical water pipes, top mounted burners

  • Reasonable design structure makes the three-way smoke structure form, the fuel burns more heat absorption, and the thermal efficiency of the boiler reaches over 90%.

  • Joining the only superconducting heat transfer technology in China, the thermal efficiency and heating time are far superior to other domestic products.

  • Equipped with a safety valve, even when the control system is not flexible, when the safety valve is automatically opened, the pressure exceeds the set pressure to prevent the boiler from exploding due to excessive pressure.

  • Equipped with a low water level protection,overheat protection and  leakage protection device, the boiler will automatically stop working when the water supply is stopped, to prevent the boiler from burning dry, resulting in damage or even burnout of electrical components.

Product Details:

Product Name

high efficiency oil fired boiler

Working Pressure

0.7MPa or higher

Steam Temperature

171℃ or higher

Fuel Type

Crude Oil, Fuel Oil,etc.

Thermal Efficiency


Operation Control

ON-OFF Computer Control

Product Display:

oil fired boilers.jpg

Working Process:

oil fired boiler.jpg

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