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High Efficiency Electric Hot Water Boiler

High Efficiency Electric Hot Water Boiler

Heat output: 24-2800 KW
Electricity operated
98.23% efficiency


Product Description:

This product uses the principle of blood circulation, combined with a dedicated computer controller, through the temperature sensor, constitutes a loop adjustment system. According to the principle of constant temperature and energy saving optimization, with the change of water temperature, the control system continuously performs temperature acquisition, logic operation and digital chip control adjustment, so as to achieve automatic temperature control of the system to achieve the purpose of heating and hot water supply.


  • Two options for the constant temperature mode and the manual temperature adjustment mode.

  • Atmospheric pressure design completely eliminate safety hazards

  • Large screen with backlit LCD display, with rich display function, boiler operating status and collected circulating pump working status, heater working status, furnace water temperature and other accurate and intuitive display.

  • It can be connected to a large hot water tank for heat storage, which makes operation more economical.

  • The heater adopts high-quality electric heating rod, which has low surface heat load, long service life and uniform thermal efficiency.

  • Various protection functions such as water shortage, over temperature, short circuit, leakage, phase loss, over current, etc. When the water flow is lower than the minimum operation amount, the water heater will stop heating to avoid dry burning and heater damage. 

Product Details:


high efficiency electric hot water boiler

Rated output thermal power(KW)36 and more
Max. input thermal power(KW)37 and more
Heat yield(kcal/n)
30000 and more
Using life>2 years
Water pump power0.75 and more
Low water cutoff device 3 probes
Circulating hot water qty(m³)1.5 and more 
Hot water qty(m³)0.6 and more 

Heating area(m³)

300 and more

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