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Gas Hot Water Boiler Heating Systems

Gas Hot Water Boiler Heating Systems

Heat output: 35-3500 KW
Natural gas, LPG, propane or biogas
92-92.5% efficiency


Product Description:

This gas hot water boiler heating systems is equipped with a microcomputer controller and an imported burner and the solenoid valve is used as a water supply device. After the controller is set, the boiler starts to work fully automatically. The tap water first fills the boiler, then starts the burner to start heating, and the furnace water reaches the setting. After the temperature, the solenoid valve that controls the boiler water inlet is opened, and the tap water enters the boiler from the lower part of the boiler, thereby pushing the boiling water from the water outlet of the upper part of the boiler into the heat preservation water tank, and the heat preservation water tank can continuously supply a large amount of boiling water.


  • Heat separately and effectively clean warm water.

  • With automatic water supply, temperature setting, automatic combustion start and stop, cycle control and time setting function.

  • Reasonable internal structure guarantees good water circulation, water, and reduced liquid resistance.

  • Matched with the world-famous burners, saving energy and meeting environmental requirements.

  • Working on the condition of without stress, in addition to hydraulic and thermal protection devices, the user's worries are virtually eliminated.

  • Intelligent adjustment of heating water temperature, the boiler can work according to the set time and set temperature.

Product Parameters

 Main modelCLSS SeriesCWNS Series
Boiler typeVerticalHorizontal

Rated steam output(Kg/h)

50 kg/h or higher500 kg/h or higher
Rated heat power (Kw)35KW & 70KW80KW-3500 KW
Rated working pressure(MPa)0.7Mpa or higher0.7Mpa or higher
Saturated steam temperature( °C)170℃ or higher
170℃ or higher
Thermal efficiency (%)>89>89
Water pump power0.55KW or higher1.1KW or higher
Working voltage(AC)220V/50HZ ;380V/50HZ380V/50HZ
Steam outlet(mm)DN15; DN25;DN40;DN65DN40; DN50;DN85;DN125
Water inlet(mm)DN15;DN25DN25;DN32;DN40
Fuel consumption

LPG(Kg/h)3.3Kg/h and more28Kg/h and more
Natural gas (m3/h)4m3/h and more38m3/h and more
Outlook size (L*W*Hmm)770*900*1300 and more
2680*1660*1680 and more
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