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Electric Steam Generator

Electric Steam Generator

Electric steam generator main feature Electric steam generator to energy for energy, no noise, no pollution. The use of high-quality heating tube, the surface heat load is low, high thermal efficiency.


Electric steam generator main feature 

Electric steam generator to energy for energy, no noise, no pollution. The use of high-quality heating tube, the surface heat load is low, high thermal efficiency. Using high-level centrifugal glass wool multi-layer insulation, imported color plate packaging; both ends of the living bag cover, easy installation and maintenance.

1, the use of advanced electric heating pipe, the surface load is low, long service life.

2, the boiler starts, stop fast, running load adjustment range, adjust the speed, easy to operate.

3, the heating element according to the temperature difference and load changes automatically adjust the number of heating tube input group, and can automatically convert the input order, not only save energy consumption, but also to run each group of heating pipe balance, so uniform heating tube life.

4, the heating element can also be manually put into or stop, user-friendly flexibility to adjust the boiler heat.

5, the use of advanced computer boiler controller, with reliable performance, high degree of automation, easy to use and so on.

6, the use of accessories boilers, are selected at home and abroad quality products, and test furnace test to ensure the long-term normal operation of the boiler.

protective device 

Electric steam generator.jpg

Electric steam generator

Electric steam generator.png

Electric steam generator

(A), Electric steam generator function

1, patented technology, automatic sewage function: the control system of water ion concentration in real-time detection, when the concentration exceeds the set value, the sewage solenoid valve automatically open to achieve automatic sewage, the pump starts to inject new water, so that the heat surface is not easy to scale.

2, water level real-time monitoring function: equipped with electronic detection water level device, real-time monitoring boiler water level.

3, time setting function: the user can be set according to need, set the boiler start and stop time.

4, both before and after the living bag cover, replace the maintenance of heating pipe operation more convenient and faster.

(B), Electric steam generator protection

1, patented technology, scale detection device: the furnace scale once exceeded, the system will alarm

2, leakage protection: control system detects the electric components leakage, will automatically cut off the power.

3, water protection: when the boiler is dry in time to cut off the heating pipe control circuit to prevent the heating pipe dry burn damage, while the controller issued a water alarm instructions.

4, power abnormal protection: the boiler immediately stop running.

5, over-voltage interlock protection: the boiler pressure exceeds the set value, the ban on the work of the heater and alarm.

6, over-current protection: When the boiler overload (voltage is too high) work, the leakage circuit breaker automatically disconnect.

Electric steam generator application

● Process Steam 

● Brewery and Distillery

● Food and Beverage

● Sterilization

● Laundry and Dry-Cleaning

● Textile

● Chemical

● Corrugated machine

● Concrete curing

● EPS line

● Building Heat

● Humidification

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