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Electric Boilers For Hot Water And Central Heating

Electric Boilers For Hot Water And Central Heating

360KW Electric boiler 90-360kw Electric boiler Excellent performance of the electric boiler Tianshen brand electric boiler is to absorb similar products in Europe on the basis of superior performance, according to the national JB / T10393 standard new design. 12KW-350KW a variety of different...


Product Description:

This kind of electric boilers for hot water and central heating is a boiler device that uses electricity as an energy source and converts it into heat energy, which is converted by a boiler to output steam, high-temperature water or organic heat carrier with a certain heat energy. It is mainly composed of electric boiler steel casing, computer control system, low-voltage electrical system, electric heating pipe, inlet and outlet pipe and detection instrument.


  • The design and manufacture of the boiler is strictly in accordance with the standards.

  • No noise, no pollution, the boiler body is made of high-quality and high-efficiency insulation materials for heat preservation, energy saving and consumption reduction

  • Computer controller is easy to operate and has complete control functions.

  • Customers can set the hot water temperature as needed, and the boiler will supply hot water to the thermal cycle system according to the set temperature.

  • All boilers have been treated with anti-corrosion treatment before leaving the factory.

  • Adopt high-quality electric heating tube, which has high mechanical strength, safety and reliability, and convenient replacement.

  • The heating group cycles and cuts, so that the contactors use the same time and frequency to extend the service life of the device.

Product Details:


Our product

Usual products in China

Using life (Electric heating element)

>2 years

3-12 months

Thickness (main body)

6 mm

3 mm

Thickness (flanges)



Bolts on flanges

High strength

Ordinary type

Low water cutoff device

3 probes

1 probe

Water pump

H=80m, T≤120℃

H=60m, T≤80℃


Widely used in residential quarters, villas, swimming pools, bathing centers, etc.

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