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Electric Boilers For Heating And Hot Water

Electric Boilers For Heating And Hot Water

360KW Electric boiler 90-360kw Electric boiler Excellent performance of the electric boiler Tianshen brand electric boiler is to absorb similar products in Europe on the basis of superior performance, according to the national JB / T10393 standard new design. 12KW-350KW a variety of different...


Product Description:

This electric boilers for heating and hot water uses electric power as fuel to heat the water to the rated temperature. The electric hot water boiler is widely used for household heating, hot water supply, bath water and the like. It has the outstanding features of high degree of automation, fast heating, no noise and no pollution.


  • No noise, no pollution, low heat loss, energy saving.

  • Fully automatic intelligent control technology, flexible working mode.

  • Automatical controller control the water temperature or pressure, and can automatically start or stop the feed pump and electric heating tube when the load changes.

  • Full range of protection functions,such as  leakage protection, water shortage protection, steam overpressure protection, overcurrent protection,etc.

  • Mechatronics to ensure the stable operation of electronic control devices.

  • Compact and scientific design and advanced manufacturing process make the boiler take up less space and easy to transport.

  • Outer packaging is designed with famous color plates, which is beautiful in appearance and not easy to rust.

Product Details:


Our product:

Usual products in China:

Using life (Electric heating element)

>2 years

3-12 months

Thickness (main body)

6 mm

3 mm

Thickness (flanges)



Bolts on flanges

High strength

Ordinary type

Low water cutoff device

3 probes

1 probe

Water pump

H=80m, T≤120℃

H=60m, T≤80℃


Widely used in textile mills, garment factories, food factories, canneries, wineries, pharmaceutical plants, packaging plants, building materials plants, paint plants, etc.

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