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Huazheng Special Boiler is one of the most professional manufacturers of hot products in China. If you want to buy high quality hot products for sale, we can offer you the unmatched prices and services.
The hot products Huazheng offer here including: electric boiler, fire tube boiler, oil fired boilers, electric steam generator and more.
The boiler is an energy conversion device. The energy input to the boiler is chemical energy and electric energy in the fuel. The boiler outputs steam with a certain heat energy, high temperature water or organic heat carrier.
The hot water or steam generated in the boiler can directly supply the required heat energy for industrial production and people's life. It can also be converted into mechanical energy by steam power plant, or converted into electrical energy by a generator.
The boiler that supplies hot water is called a hot water boiler, and is mainly used for living, and there are also a small number of applications in industrial production. It is mostly used in thermal power stations, ships, locomotives and industrial and mining enterprises.
Working Principle:
After the water enters the boiler, the heat absorbed by the boiler heating surface in the steam-water system is transferred to the water, and the water is heated to a certain temperature and pressure of hot water or steam, which is taken out for application. In the combustion equipment part, the combustion of the fuel continuously releases heat, and the high-temperature flue gas generated by the combustion transmits heat to the heating surface of the boiler, and the temperature itself gradually decreases, and finally is discharged by the chimney.
1. Use electric power/fire/hot oil as energy to achieve heating or provide domestic hot water.
2. The boiler has high intelligence, fast heating, high thermal efficiency, energy saving, no noise, no pollution, small size, convenient installation and use, and beautiful appearance.
3. The large-screen display accurately and intuitively displays the operating status of the boiler and the collected circulating pump working status, heater working status, furnace water temperature, and water level status.
4. Use the controller keyboard to set the operation, and set and modify various adjustment parameters to realize man-machine dialogue, which is easy and convenient to operate.
5. The controller has a built-in digital clock. The system can arbitrarily set the opening and closing time in 4 time periods according to user requirements, saving power loss and reducing boiler usage cost.
6. The surface of the heater has low heat load, long service life and uniform thermal efficiency.
7. The heating pipe and the furnace body are flanged for easy disassembly, installation, and easy maintenance.
8. The boiler has many protection functions such as water shortage, over temperature, short circuit, leakage, phase loss and overcurrent. The boiler operation is more stable and safe.
  • gas fired steam boiler
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    gas fired steam boiler

    The gas fired steam boiler adopts the method of burning the engine, the fuel is fully burned, the boiler runs stably and takes up less space, and the flue pipe is inserted with a spoiler to slow the exhausting speed, increase the heat exchange amount, and the boiler has high...Read More
  • Oil Fired Steam Boiler Suppliers
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    Oil Fired Steam Boiler Suppliers

    Steam Capacity: 30-6000 Kg/hour
    Diesel, light oil, heavy oil or waste oil
    89%-95% efficiency
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  • Electric Steam Boiler For Sale
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    Electric Steam Boiler For Sale

    Electric steam boiler is mostly used in thermal power stations, ships, locomotives and industrial and mining enterprises.
    Steam Capacity: 5-4000 Kg/hour
    Electricity operated
    98.23% efficiency
    0.7 MPa (or higher)
    Internal material carbon steel (or...
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  • oil fired water boiler
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    oil fired water boiler

    This kind of oil fired water boiler is the most convenient and energy-saving and environmentally-friendly product for modern industrial use.
    It has the advantages of small body protection, compact structure, convenient installation and simple operation.
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  • electric water boiler
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    electric water boiler

    Electric water boilers are widely used in residential quarters, villas, swimming pools, bathing centers, etc. Compared with other traditional boilers, they have the advantages of environmental protection, sanitation, no noise, and no pollution.
    Specifications:● 18-2800...
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  • three pass fire tube boiler
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    three pass fire tube boiler

    Features of three pass fire tube boiler:
    1. With the reaction ax with 100KG.
    2. 30-2000KG three pass fire tube boiler.
    3. Easy to control, just press the button, it will into the automatic running state.
    4. Compact in structure, light in...
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  • electric thermal oil boiler
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    electric thermal oil boiler

    The electric thermal oil boiler refers to a boiler that is heated by thermal oil. It generally uses coal, oil and steam as fuel, and uses hot oil as medium.
    Product Name: electric thermal oil boiler
    ●25-2850 KW
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  • container type water boiler system
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    container type water boiler system

    The container type water boiler system is to fix all auxiliary equipment such as boiler, control system, soft water processor, soft water tank, feed water pump, sub-cylinder, fuel tank and instrument valve, and realize the mobility of the whole equipment of the boiler system.Read More
  • 3 Pass Fire Tube Boiler
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    3 Pass Fire Tube Boiler

    3-pass-fire-tube-boiler Product Application Devotion brand 0.5t-20t gas and oil steam boiler is well designed to quickly generate clean and dry steam. It is widely used in different industries such as chemical plant, energy field, food factory, hospital, hotel, laundry,...Read More
  • Three Pass Fire Tube Boiler
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    Three Pass Fire Tube Boiler

    Three pass fire tube boiler Generally speaking, a boiler with more passes provides more opportunities for hot gasses to transfer heat to the water in a boiler and operate more efficiently, however, boiler efficiency is highly affected by tube design, and not simply the number...Read More
  • High Efficiency Oil Fired Boiler
  • Oil Fired Boilers
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